Webinar: KNOW and DO what YOU want

for ultimate well-being at work

About this webinar

This one-hour webinar is intended for professionals who want to know how they can get out of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress about their workload demands, deadlines, and performance results. It is also intended for individuals who want to know how they can set goals and attain them, manage their time effectively, establish their personal boundaries, and take charge of their well-being and happiness.

What you'll learn

During the webinar the presenter will show you her HEART Practice: 5 Steps For Expressing Your Well-Being so that you can be at ease, satisfied, and happy at your job and with the work that you do. She will teach you how to:
  • Connect with what really matters to you
  • Effectively communicate your needs, wants, and feelings to others
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After the webinar, attendees will have access to FREE tools to help them implement what they’ve learned during the session.

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Your Presenter
Avegaile Calzado
Founder, Director
Insight Communication